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Artistic Director and Choreographer
Owner and Director of Dancer Enterprise ~
Dance Studio, Dance Company, and Freelance Work 

Services Offered/Classes

...Please read before contacting

I am thrilled you have come across my website and decided to browse. As a professional in dance, choreography, and teaching; I take every contact extremely serious. In doing so, alot of free "fun" time is sacrificed.
I ask anyone contacting me please be serious about inquiry re my services. Please answer all inquiries - whether they be email/phone calls. Alot of useless time can be avoided if this simple step is followed. Unfortunately, I will have to dispose of all correspondence that doesn't meet above criteria. Please be serious when inquiring.

Thank You,
Ms. Wenda L. Koon

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Fitness Classes - Floor-Oga, Pli Yoga, and more
Ms. Koon has recently offered fitness classes on an online platform {for registering}.
More classes will 
be added in coming days!
To view/register for class; please click here

Private Training & Coaching 

Private training and coaching are available in:

Ballet, Technique, Pointe, Jazz, and Tap

Other geners of dance are available

Student Ages:
Children – 8-12 …..... Teens – 13-18 …...... Adults – 19 & older

Session Hours:

Sat/Sun – App't only

Mon -12-3P

Wed – 12-4P

Thurs – 11A-3P

Fri – 10A-5P


Deposit required to reserve your session – $37.50

1 session - $75.00

2 sessions - $110.00

Flexible pricing for weekly training

Specializing in Choreography – Rates available on request


Sessions should be booked 24 hours in advance; no walk-ins

6-12 hours – full refund 12-24 hours - $15.00 refund after 24 hours – no refund

Visit Dancer Enterprise for group classes!!!!

Availability & Current Projects

Ms. Koon is available for work in the various fields:


I. Teaching:
Ms. Koon's is available for  teaching in ballet, tap, jazz, pointe, hip hop, street jazz/funk, and lyrical. Please inquire for Ms. Koon's rates and hours.
Also, she is available for Master Classes.

II. Choreography:
Ms. Koon is an accomplished choreographer. She begun her first piece, a ballet on point, at 17 years old. She has many choreographic works to her name including ballet's, jazz's, lyrical's, abstract based works, and street jazz's/funk. There are close to 100 choreographic works to Ms. Koon's credit.

Her choreography has been seen a local dance competitions, placed on dance company's, and performed as collaborative projects such as NuDance. Ms. Koon's choreography can be seen via the internet at You Tube --

III. Performing:
Ms. Koon is knowledgeable in ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, street/hip hop, and some modern/contemporary. Looking to guest in company’s concerts, worship services, and any venue that would like to have a dancer to complete their program.
A. Local Venues:
Fees: Performance--$200.00 and above {is negotiable}
Rehearsals-- is negotiable

B. Non-Local Venues:
Fees:  Performances--$200.00 and above
Rehearsals--$100.00 is the starting rate

IV. Directing
Ms. Koon debuted her company in October of 2002. Dancer Enterprise Dance Company was a subsidiary of the original business -- dance classes. Currently Dancer Enterprise went thru a semi-hiatus, while a permanent place can be secured. As an Artistic Director, Ms. Koon has had the joys and pains of hiring dancers {and firing}. In January of 2005, Ms. Koon changed the name to Resurrection Dance Company; RDC, along with the mission to show support to the campaigns Make Poverty History and ONE. Today, RDC, are currently celebrating their 10th season.

In addition, a dance troupe was briefly introduced-- Devastating Rhythm. RDC begun under the original name as a jazz, lyrical, and ballet influenced company. Today, we have added ballroom, cabaret, and tap to the repertoire.

RDC's most reckonized piece to date is Alice in Chain's "Rooster". Lesser known works are Scorpions "Wind of Change" and INXS' "Please (You Got That...)". "Wind of Change" tells the story of soldiers and civilians fighting an internal battle to stay alive. This piece was only performed once and premiered at the onset of the Iraqi war.

Current Projects:

~Ms. Koon is currently focusing on her company {Resurrection Dance Company; RDC} and Dancer Enterprise; although, she is still accepting freelance work.
~Ms. Koon is currently accepting positions for: choreography/privates, teaching, directing, and performing.

Suspended due to Covid-19
Services Offered

Ms. Koon offers diverse professional dance services such as choreography, master classes, private coaching, and much more. Below listed are the descriptions and the pricing of each service that is offered.

I. Private Coaching:
See Private Training/Coaching:

II. Choreography:
Studio Rates:

Solos~$100.00 per person ($40.00 per rehearsal)
Duets/trios~$200.00-$275.00 per person ($50.00 per rehearsal)
Small groups~$300.00 ($55.00 per rehearsal)
Large groups~$400.00 ($60.00 per rehearsal)

Professional Rates:
According to the length of the piece, charges are one hundred dollars {$100.00} per minute.
A rehearsal rate is required of $45.00-65.00 per hour. If many pieces are are commisioned then the rehearsal rate is discounted/waived.

III. Teaching:
Master Classes:
see below
Recreational Classes: ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, pointe, creative movement and asking price to be considered is $25.00 per hr

Clinical Counseling

Currently not operating:

Ms. Koon is available for counseling in depression, bi-polar, anxiety, addiction, and others.

She is currently un-liscensed. An appointment must be made 24 hours in advance.

Each session is 55 minutes.

Wed, Thur, Fri 12-4P {thru 12/29}

$100.00 per session