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When we follow God's rules we all receive his rewards....

Greed, angst, jealousy, envy, selfishness, power, control, dishonesty are not allowed in his world.
Thus, this world today is not the His world, rather the Devil's playground for non-believers.


Ms. Wenda L. Koon is available for various dance services. Ms. Koon has been a professional dancer since 1993 at that time with Southwest Jazz Ballet Company. Her choreography has been in demand and sought out by teachers, studio owners, company directors, and more. Also, Ms. Koon has directed her own dance companies in Houston, Texas. Additionally, she has taught for local studios in the Houston metropolitan area.

Inside, you will find comprehensive materials and services that are offered such as:

~ Complete Biography
~ Services Offered
~ Choreographic Videos
~ Availability/Current Projects
~ Directing/Choreography
and more!!

Ms. Koon is a native of Houston, Texas; with over 20 years experience in ballet, pointe, tap, contemporary, and jazz; hip hop, and lyrical. Ms. Koon spent 3 years in Kingwood, Texas; and has re-located back in the Houston area.

In addition to offering professional dance services, Ms. Koon, is also Artistic Director of  Sur Les Pointes School of Ballet; which is a subsidiary to Dancer Enterprise - parent company. She is the founder/AD of Resurrection Dance Company; RDC. And, she has also branched out into web design. Recently, Ms. Koon has begun design product for sale via Zazzle.

I sincerely hope you will find this information useful and inspiring as well. Please do check back periodically as info is added regularly.

Love and Peace,
Ms. Wenda L. Koon


"If God wants you to have that job, then you will have that job...."
By Joel Osteen

"In a world filled with violence, poverty, starvation, and outcries of help; we sometimes find others who are judgmental and do not place the world's concerns above their own. With such individuals we will destroy the world. Please don't let that happen!"

"Don't let other's negativity poison your waters"
by Joel Osteen

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